More cowbell


If you look closely under the cows mouth you can see her bell.

I was warned when I moved here to pay attention to bells when apartment hunting. Cow bells, church bells, bicycle bells and sheep bells.  The possibilities of exposure to bells was vast and could drive one mad.

Fortunately we landed on a quiet street with double glass windows and not a church or cow in sight. That is until the sheep moved in. They were on loan from a sheep farmer to our neighbors.  It was a win win.  Sheep get fed for free, grass and weeds get munched for free and no lawnmower needed. Fortunately these sheep were not “belled” and they have now been relocated to the local tennis club.


This is not a novel concept. A few weeks ago I read an article about 40 goats and a llama on loan to a the Portland Airport to keep weeds at bay.  Our friends Emily and Andre have sheep on loan at their home (bells included) under a similar arrangement.

However, this still doesn’t make it any less strange that I picked up Lincoln today from school to discover a cow grazing in the field across from his school. The poor cow was taunted and chased by the passing students.  Lincoln asked for a photo with the cow – I couldn’t resist.  When I noted it was strange an old bathtub appeared at the same time as the cow, Lincoln, without missing a beat informed me that was her drinking trough.


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